Thursday, August 16, 2018

Review of Highlights of Previous Sessions of GNTC

From November 14 to 16, 2018, the annual "Global Network Technology Conference" (abbreviated as GNTC) will officially kick off. As one of the largest network technology events in the world, GNTC is committed to promoting the rapid development of global network technologies and promoting the exchange of global industry chains. GNTC has always been renowned in the industry for its high specification, depth, multi-organization and practical content. In addition to its existing advantages, the “GNTC 2018” will add more highlights. Through 1 Plugfest, 1 award ceremony, 2 plenary sessions, 6 technical summits and dozens of workshops, it provides a wonderful network technology feast for the audience.

In order to enable audience to have a deeper and clearer understanding of GNTC, the author specially sorted out the highlights of the previous sessions. Let us review the GNTC we have attended in the past.

Partners: deepening cooperation and promoting industrial development on a global scale

Since the inaugural GNTC in 2016, it has received extensive support and participation from the industry. China Institute of Communications Internet Society of China, IEEE, ETSI, APNIC, IPv6 Forum, Linux Foundation, ONF, MEF, P4 Language Alliance and other domestic and foreign organizations, China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, AT&T, Telefonica, NTT Docomo, PCCW and other global operators are fully involved to push the global network technology forwards through deepening exchange and cooperation.

In the meanwhile, H3C, Huawei, ZTE, Intel, Google, Brocade, Juniper, Certus, Daho, VCMY Technology, TiCOMM, Yunshan, Barefoot, Centec, Ixia, EmbedWay Technology, V6PLUS and many other companies have sponsored or participated in GNTC. By sharing the latest products and solutions, participating in relevant testing activities, delivering keynote speeches and presenting on site, we can also find many partners and users while achieving brand promotion, mutual benefit and win-win, and promoting the industry forward.

Speakers: Gathering the industry's top experts

GNTC's guest lineup has always been known for leading the industry trend. At the previous conferences, the father of the Internet Vint Cerf, the academician of CAE Wu Hequan and Wu Jianping, the SDN pioneer Nick McKeown, the DNS inventor Paul Mockapetris, the Linux Foundation VP of operation Phil Robb, president of MEF Nan Chen, VP of ONF William Snow, AT&T Lead member of Technical Staff Steven Wright and hundreds of top domestic and foreign experts delivered wonderful speeches.

Dan Pitt, senior vice president of MEF, said after participating in the GNTC, “I have been to China for related activities for last five years. GNTC is the largest and most successful. The GNTC has gathered many technical topics, the world's top experts, the most influential international organizations, etc. Each of them brings very warm and valued perspective."
Figure: Past speakers at the GNTC (Partial)

Discussion topic: focusing on hotspots and gaining insight into the future of the industry

As the Internet penetrates and transforms all walks of life at an unprecedented rate and becomes an important infrastructure for human society, the innovation and development of network technology becomes more and more important. After three years of development, the "GNTC" has become an important indicator of the development of network technology, and also witnessed the continuous development of the industry.

GNTC is themed on “New Technology • New Architecture • New Network”. The topics of the conference include network reconfiguration, cloud network convergence, Internet infrastructure, SDN, NFV, 5G, cloud and data center, IPv6, NB-IoT, Internet of Things, edge computing, network security, CORD, P4, ONAP, etc., covering various cutting-edge technologies and hot topics in the current network field. At the same time, each session of the GNTC is closely linked to the pulse of industrial development, digs into deeper content year by year, which is advanced and prospective. Through the development path of the GNTC, we can not only fully understand the development history of network technology, but also gain insight into future industry trends.
On-site audience: gathering elites to penetrate the entire industry chain

As the guests, topics and content of the conference are attractive, each session of the GNTC attracted thousands of visitors to participate. At the same time, the number of people who follow the content of the conference online during the same period through the live broadcast and live video broadcast of the conference exceeds 200,000 each time.

According to statistics, GNTC viewers cover all aspects of the industry chain such as operators, government agencies, equipment vendors and user units. At the same time, 80% of the participants are technical engineers or those with the same industry background, some are corporate technology and market decision makers, and some provide valuable industry information and analysis for the company's business development.
Figure: Analysis of previous audiences at the GNTC
Compared with previous years, GNTC 2018 will be fully upgraded in terms of technical direction, guest specifications, discussion topics, and participation scale. During the three-day conference, the current status of network development will be fully demonstrated through various activities such as test activities, exhibitions, keynote speeches, technical summits, workshops, and awards ceremonies. At present, the GTNC registration system has been fully opened. Visit the official website, or follow the WeChat official account "theGNTC" to register to have face-to-face dialogue with the industry's big names and explore more cooperation opportunities with industry partners. The GNTC conference is waiting for you to participate.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

2018 SDN+NFV+IPv6 Fest Testing Event Just Around the Corner

In recent years, new communication technologies such as SDN and NFV have seen constant development and real-world application, setting off waves of transition to next generation networks. Major service providers and Internet giants are all actively exploring new technologies and conducting technical assessments. What’s more, IPv6 has become the focus of everyone’s attention in 2018. Against this backdrop, to facilitate development of SDNFV and IPv6 industries, promote the experimental verification and rapid implementation of new technologies and architectures, improve efficiency and quality of network deployment, and reduce the difficulty of network operation and maintenance, the “2018 SDN+NFV+IPv6 Fest” Testing Event will be opened in Nanjing this October to help the SDN/NFV/IPv6 industry conduct technical testing through the creation of a technical exchange platform.

The event is jointly organized by the BII in conjunction with China Unicom’s CORD Industry Alliance, Open Network Foundation (ONF), Open Platform for NFV (OPNFV), Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP) and the IPv6 Forum.

The SDN+NFV+IPv6 Fest testing event is intended to be a full-scale stereoscopic test for complete SDN/NFV solutions and IPv6 upgrade solutions. Testing includes SDN northbound-southbound interface test, SR-based interoperability test, NS self-healing/self-expansion test, NFV network performance and interoperability test, VNF function and data plane performance test, SFC test, NFVI & VIM function test, IPv6 protocol and security test, IPv4aaS test, as well as end-to-end scenario testing. In contrast to previous years, this testing event is a joint effort by service providers, open source communities, and relevant industry alliances.

I. SD-WAN Based Cloud Network Convergence End-to-End Networking
The 2018 SDN+NFV+IPv6 Fest testing event aims to build an SD-WAN network. Its access points will be based on NFV architecture. The backbone network will be based on the SR source routing technology. SDDC technology will be used in the cloud data center, supplemented with the necessary SDN controller and services orchestrator, building enterprise end-to-end business scenarios such as from branch offices to headquarters, enterprise to cloud, DC to DC and verifying SD-WAN support for IPv6, SD-WAN automatic path optimization, fast fault recovery and SLA protections, etc.

II. Adding IPv6 upgrade and transitional technology testing and SR support testing
This year will see explosive growth in IPv6 application and deployment in China. Since the publication of the  Action Plan for Promoting Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) Large-Scale Deployment , IPv6 large-scaled deployment has entered the fast lane. In the 2018 SDN+NFV+IPv6 Fest testing event, IPv6 transition, IPv6 only, IPv6 security testing and other tests will be a major technical highlight.

In addition, the event will also feature testing of SR-MPLS data plane interoperability and IPv6 data plane interoperability between different vendors’ devices in backbone networking scenarios, as well as segment routing (SR) control plane and data plane interoperability. In view of the characteristics of SR, it has carried out cross-vendors testing of TI-LFA, SRv6 Network Programming, PCEP automatic calculation path, etc., thus tracking the industry’s support for SR technology.

III. NFV orchestrator and multi-vendor VNF interoperability
This year, the 2018 SDN+NFV+IPv6 Fest testing event will see the building of NFV scenarios in the access point end and the performing of function, performance, interoperability and decoupling tests on vCPE, vFW, vBRAS and other network elements, and NFV infrastructure and MANO, as well as the verification of feasibility of the networking technology architecture supporting its upper-layer business requirements.

In addition, China Unicom’s CORD Industry Alliance has customized R-CORD and M-CORD test scenarios for the event. 

After the 2018 SDN+NFV+IPv6 Fest testing event, the testing equipment and solutions will be demonstrated at the “GNTC 2018 Global Networking Technology Conference” held on November 14-16. By which time, through white paper release, on-site showcase, network testing workshop and other activities, the test results will be shared with the industry. Let us work together on a new chapter of the SDN/NFV/IPv6 industry! Industry partners and vendors are invited to participate, please register at:, +8610-56381682.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Insight into the Future: GNTC 2018 Global Network Technology Conference Fully Upgraded

From November 14 to 16, 2018, the "GNTC Global Network Technology Conference" will kick off in full swing. After three years of development, GNTC has become an important indicator for the development of network technology. It gathers strategic planning, industrial direction, technology trends, and application innovations. Through continuous deepening of exchanges and cooperation, it continues to advance global network technology. This year, GNTC will be fully upgraded from the perspective of guest scale, technical direction, international organization cooperation and awards selection so as to present a more exciting networking technology feast to the audience.

Large-scale guest presence and more technical directions
The tide of network reconfiguration spreads rapidly around the world. The network technology is developing by leaps and bounds. New concepts and technologies are introduced on the international stage. This year, more than 120 speeches of GNTC are well prepared and nearly 200 guests will be present. On the first day of the conference, the “Global Network Technology Development Trend” plenary session unveils the event. A number of domestic and foreign academicians, leaders of international organizations and representatives of well-known enterprises attend the event to share the international development pattern. Subsequently, through seven special summits and multiple workshops, experts in various fields will explore the status quo and specific applications. Finally, the conference comes to the “integration and application of network technology” and the international operators and representatives of Internet companies share the practical and effective planning blueprints with the current technology trends to jointly explore the future possibilities.

Photo: 2017 GNTC plenary session

In the special summit sharing, GNTC will continue to follow the mainstream technology trends such as SDN, NFV, IPv6, 5G, cloud, transfer from theoretical discussion to experiment and practice. On this basis, Internet of Things and edge computing, block chain summit are added to cover a wider range of technical fields. With the advent of the era of Internet of Everything, the rapid development and powerful potential of the Internet of Things have attracted the attention of industry. The front-end equipment has exploded and the data generated has been rising. As a result, edge computing has also received great attention. In addition, the block chain has risen rapidly in recent years and is regarded as one of the core technologies for changing the future. Many new alliances and enterprises have emerged. GNTC keeps pace with the times and will focus on the nature of technology and explore its development and application.

Engage more international technology organizations in the discussion
GNTC's annual excellent speeches are substantial and highly valued. It is one of the core strengths of the conference. The seniors from many international technical organizations come to the scene to share the latest technology trends. The special workshop is organized to bring GNTC’s rich structure and content to a new level.

Last year, the GNTC held five workshops, which all had a full house and received wide attention and praise from the audience. Nick McKeown, academician of the National Academy of Engineering, professor of Stanford University, Timon Sloane, Vice Chairman of ONF, Phil Robb, vice president of Linux Foundation, Wang Yachen, ONAP Board President and other domestic and foreign guests attended the workshops and communicated with the audience. This year, GNTC not only retains popular projects such as P4, ONAP, CORD and network testing, but also joins hands with more organizations and Internet companies to create hot topics such as OCP, enterprise Ethereum, investment and entrepreneurship, and Belt and Road network infrastructure. A number of closed-door meetings will be held during the same period.

Case solicitation, authoritative selection, GNTC Awards pays tribute to industry promoters

The GNTC will also hold a special "GNTC Awards Ceremony", where all the speakers, industry experts, media and audience will vote to select outstanding solutions with innovation, advancement, influence and industry representative. The “GNTC Innovation Award” and the “GNTC People's Choice Award” will be awarded to pay tribute to industry promoters and promote the implementation of network technologies.

Network is an important infrastructure for human society. The innovative development of network technology is the core force to promote the development of digital economy, and it is also the driving force for the continuous advancement of human society. The organizing committee encourages excellent solutions in various network technologies such as IPv6, 5G, cloud, SDN, NFV, blockchain, Internet of Things and edge computing to participate in the application for selection and provide presence opportunity for all solutions that passed the primary selection. Through such a selection form, we will dig deeper into the benchmark solutions in various fields of network technology to promote the popularization of technology applications and the transformation and development of the industry.

At present, the GTNC Global Network Technology Conference registration system has been fully opened. Visit the official website, or follow the official Wechat account "theGNTC" to successfully register to win the opportunities for face-to-face dialogue with the industry's big shots and explore more cooperation opportunities with industry partners. The GNTC conference looks forward to your participation.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

GNTC Awards are Open for Nominations

From November 14 to 16, 2018, the "GNTC Global Network Technology Conference" will kick off. As one of the largest network technology events in the world, this year's GNTC will hold a special "GNTC Awards Ceremony", which will invite all the speakers, industry experts, media, audiences present to vote innovative, advanced, influential and industry-recognized solutions to pay a tribute to industry's promoters.

Network is an important infrastructure for human society. The innovative development of network technology is the core force for the development of digital economy and the driving force for the continuous advancement of human society. In 2018, the network technology revolution characterized by open integration and intergenerational transition picks up globally: IPv6 users and support enjoy explosive growth globally and network reconfiguration with SDN and NFV as key technologies is deployed and progressed globally. The large-scale commercial use of 5G already started and the cloud began to penetrate into our lives...

On this occasion, the GNTC Organizing Committee will officially launch the global collection of excellent solutions for the “GNTC Awards”. IPv6, 5G, cloud, SDN, NFV, blockchain, Internet of Things, edge computing and other excellent solutions in the technical field can be submitted. In the end, based on the four criteria of “innovation”, “advancedness”, “influence” and “industry representation”, the network technology experts from around the world will select the best solution for the final award. On November 14, the trophy will be presented at the closing ceremony of the "GNTC 2018 Global Network Technology Conference".

It is worth mentioning that in order to ensure the fairness of the awards and promote the development of the industry, all the awards of the “GNTC Awards” were voted on-site by network technical experts attending the conference. The GNTC Innovation Award and the GNTC People's Choice Award will be set up. The GNTC Innovation Award will be selected by industry experts (speakers, invited experts, professional media), and the GNTC People's Choice Award will be selected by ordinary audience. Through such a selection form, we will dig deeper into the benchmark solutions in various fields of network technology, so as to promote the application of technology and promote the transformation and development of the industry.


Figure: “GNTC Awards” selection process

In addition, all the applications submitted that pass the primary selection process can be presented at the “GNTC 2018 Global Network Technology Conference”. The organizing committee will provide a platform for the finalists to showcase the advantages of the solution and communicate and display with thousands of on-site experts and audiences.

For more information, please visit or call 8610-56381692.


Monday, July 9, 2018

GNTC-Global Network Technology Conference 2018 will hold in November

GNTC-Global Network Technology Conference 2018 will hold between Nov. 14 and Nov. 16, 2018. As one of the largest network technology events in the world, the GNTC will focus on more popular technological fields, attract more international organizations, gather more industrial leading experts, and provide a spectacular feast about network technology to more than 2,500 visitors at site through one Plugfest, one award ceremony, two plenary sessions, nine technical submits and dozens of workshops.

At present, the development of the global internet has entered “Age of Wind” with expanding network reach and boundary and unprecedentedly big user demand, which depends on the strong support by network technology. That is to say, the innovative development of network technology is the key power promoting the development of the digital economy and the motive source pushing forward the human society.

Through three-year development, GNTC has become an important vane of network technology development. With strategic planning, industrial direction, technology trend and application innovation gathered here, through increasingly-deepened exchange and cooperation, GNTC has been pushing forward global network technology continuously and completely. Hundreds of the best experts home and abroad such as Father of Internet Vint Cerf, Academician of CAE Wu Hequan, Academician of CAE Wu Jianping, SDN pionner Nick McKeown, DNS Inventor Paul Mockapetris, the Linux Foundation VP of Operation Phil Robb, President of MEF Nan Chen, VP of ONF Bill Snow and AT&T Lead Member of Technical Staff Steven Wright have ever given wonderful lectures in GNTC in the past.

Fig. Structure of 2018 GNTC

Compared with the last sessions, GNTC 2018 will embrace full upgrade and improve all aspects including technological direction, size of guests, issues to be discussed and size of assembly on the whole. During the conference lasting three days, GNTC will focus on network technology development trend and network technology integrated application with issues involved with IPv6, 5G, Cloud, SDN, NFV, Block Chain, IOT and Big Data, Network Security, invite hundreds of leading experts from all corners of the world to give more than 120 lectures to share their findings.

With the purpose to push forward the innovation and development of network technology, during GNTC 2018, “GNTC Award Ceremony” will hold in which all industrial experts and visitors will vote for the innovative, advanced, influential, industrially typical and excellent solutions as a tribute to industrial pushers.

At present, GNTC has fully started registration system. You may access to the official site or follow the We-chat account “theGNTC” for application. Welcome to GNTC to dialogue with industrial celebrities face to face and explore more cooperative opportunities with industrial partners. 

Friday, June 8, 2018

Liu Dong: IPv6 will Set off a Revolution in the Global Digital Industry

“The great changes, great development, great integration and great governance of the global Internet based on IPv6 have become irreversible development trends.” Liu Dong, director of BII-CFIEC, said, “The next five to ten years, global IPv6 users will show an exponential growth trend in scale and size of traffic and it is expected to fully surpass IPv4 by 2021."

Figure: Liu Dong, Director of BII-CFIEC

Recently, the 2018 Global IPv6 Summit ( kicked off in Hangzhou. Nearly a thousand global industry elites gathered to discuss the development status of the global NGI, the NGI technology system, and new development opportunities brought to China.

The Internet is an important infrastructure linking the national economy and social development. It profoundly affects the global economic structure, interest structure, and security pattern. Liu Dong said, “With the rapid development of the Internet and the increasing demand of users, the existing networks are facing new challenges. The global Internet based on the IPv4 is facing the exhaustion of network addresses and the unstable quality of service. Speeding up the building of intelligent next generation Internet with high speed, high popularity, full coverage have become imperative."

In fact, all major countries in the world have stepped up the deployment and promotion of the NGI. The data shows that the deployment rate of IPv6 in the United States, Germany, Belgium, India and other countries has approached or exceeded 40%. Liu Dong said, “The NGI technologies and industries carry major strategic appeals from countries in science and technology, economy, and security. They are also key entry points for countries to grasp a new round of scientific and technological revolutions and industrial changes, and will become the key to new advantages of national competition in the information age."

China attaches great importance to the development of the NGI. As early as 2003, it has already conducted research and deployment of IPv6. In November 2017, the Central Government Office and General Office of the CPC Central Committee and General Office of the State Council the “Action Plan on Promoting the Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6)-based Network into Large-scale Use” for Promoting the Advancement of IPv6, which injects strong incentives into the NGI industry in China. "This will become a policy document of historic importance, marking China's full-speed advancement to the new era of NGI."

Referring to the future trend, Liu Dong stated that the future will be an era in which digitization, globalization penetrates into every corner of the world, affects everyone and it is an era in which technology changes the world. IPv6 is just the starting point. The NGI is an open, inclusive and innovative technology system and a platform for the development of new technologies. In the near future, the NGI will infiltrate all walks of life, such as broadcasting, energy, electricity, military, etc., and help the traditional industries to go digital. This will bring 100 billion-level market space and dividends. The IPv6-based NGI will provide the core support for the development of digital economy and ultimately benefit everyone.

IPv6 Ready Logo Certificate- Awarding Ceremony Held, Large-Scale Deployment Turns out Overwhelming

On November 26, 2017, the Central Government Office and General Office of the CPC Central Committee and General Office of the State Council the “Action Plan on Promoting the Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6)-based Network into Large-scale Use” (hereinafter referred to as the “IPv6 Action Plan”)”, which clearly stated the specific objectives and requirements for the large-scale deployment of the IPv6. The major manufacturers released a large number of IPv6-rich products and solutions that basically covered the original IPv4 products. As of May 2018, devices and systems, including routers, switches, firewalls, wireless devices, and security devices, passed the IPv6 Ready Logo test and certification, and received the global IPv6 Ready Logo granted by the global IPv6 test center.

On May 21, 2018, the "Global IPv6 Summit" was grandly unveiled at Hangzhou Baima Lake Jianguo Hotel. Nearly a thousand global industry elites gathered together to discuss the global balanced development of the NGI and discuss opportunities and challenges. In order to promote the deployment of large-scale IPv6 and improve the IPv6 support of the entire industry, under the witness of all on-site visitors, Latif Ladid, President of the IPv6 Forum, and Hiroshi Esaki, Director of ISOC and IPv6 Ready Logo Program Committee, issued the certificate of IPv6 Ready LogoPhase-2 for the products passed the IPv6 Ready Logo test. Representatives from New H3C Technologies Co., Ltd., Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., Ruijie Networks Co., Ltd., Legendsec Information Technology Inc., Bluedon Information Security Technologies Co.,Ltd., AsiaInfo Technologies(Chengdu),Inc., SHENZHEN GONGJIN ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD, Hangzhou Hanyang Technology Co. Ltd. came to stage to accept the certificate.

The Global IPv6 Testing Center launched the IPv6 Ready Logo test certification program in conjunction with the IPv6 Forum in 2008, and issued an IPv6 Ready Logo to devices that meet the test standards, indicating that the products can be universally applied to the global IPv6 NGI deployment and applications. It has now become an important measure of whether a product conforms to the IPv6 protocol specification, and it is also the most authoritative IPv6 support certificate in the world. With the gradual improvement of China's equipment access requirements and the upgrading of new mobile terminals and fixed terminals in the future, the IPv6 Ready Logo will play a more important role in promoting the Internet's evolution and health innovation and development and contribute to the strategic deployment of the Internet power.